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Hotel event marketing boosted with MMS! [Novotel Case Study]

We love hearing how our clients are using MOBIPOST for maximum advantage. Pleasingly an increasing number of clients are now making use of our DIY platform for interesting and varied types of campaigns, including the use of MMS.

Novotel Melbourne on Collins has had previous success with their Happy Hour message to their guests and a new campaign for their wine tasting worked just as well (if not better!).

What Novotel Melbourne on Collins did was a simple MMS promoting a Scotchmen’s Hill wine tasting night at the hotel. Rather than simple text, the MMS included a brand image for the winery and also advertised the date and time for the event.

Novotel Promotion

What is so special about this particular campaign? The fact how it changed behaviour of the guests plus the amount of foot traffic it drove in.

60-70 guests (their BIGGEST ever turnout to such an event).

What they did well
• Perfectly timed to the day of the event
• Well thought out message
• Included co-branding with the winery
• Engaged with their wine supplier to support the initiative

Robert Costabile, the Food & Beverage Manager of Novotel Melbourne on Collins, had a good feeling about the event in itself and the general vibe from the patrons was quite positive too. He asked around to see how they found out about the event and most guests responded to the MMS with great feedback.

Says Robert, “Not only did they think the MMS was ‘innovative’ at least 15-20 guests came back to hotel by 5pm specifically to attend the tasting.”

Why it worked
The great approach that Rob did here is that he targeted his audience for a leisure event. The point of the campaign was to get the maximum number of guests staying in the hotel to the wine tasting, so sending the message on a weekend was the best strategy.

Also the MMS acted extremely well to build hype and excitement for the wine tasting. The time of day he sent it out was perfect- which was only a few hours before.

Robert did not require any custom software to create the MMS content. The standard MOBIPOST platform allows you to upload simple JPEG or GIF images without any specialised assistance. Any MOBIPOST client can do this.

They also used co-sponsorship to their advantage. By teaming up with the winery and also highlighting it in the MMS, is another tactic that is used and is well received by clients. We saw this same affect happen in the Summit Centre case study a few months ago that highlighted the benefits of using the contacts you have at your disposal.

But more importantly, by using mobile it was the channel to ensure that the guests got the message – as it is carried with them 24/7. This isn’t an over exaggeration! Studies show that we are connected all the time (even during leisure times).

What do you think of this campaign? Have you tried event marketing like this? We would love for you to comment!

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