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MMS Drives foot traffic for Jetts’ Open Day [Case Study]

At MOBIPOST, we cannot get enough of the awesome results that Open Days bring in. Like similar clubs we have showcased, Jetts Penshurst put out a well crafted MMS to drive foot traffic that got people down to their Open Day which in turn, ensured they ended up with plenty of new members.

The MMS was effective for Jetts Penshurst which created enthusiasm and excitement for the day. It also included a special offer for their prospects which was a great incentive for joining on the day and also had a nice touch of good will included in their offer (donating $10 for every join to the Heart Foundation).

The results
A great amount of paperwork with 25 new members out of a database with only 136! (so, that’s a massive response of 18% FYI)

What they did well
• Put themselves out there with a fun, exciting day (live music, giveaways, prizes, PT sessions etc)
• Had an extremely valuable offer for the prospect + good will
• Sent out their MMS to a small but strong database
• Sent a reminder MMS out on the day

Kylie, the manager had this to say about the overall results, “The MMS and SMS service worked out great, we secured approximately 25 new members, of which the majority of those mentioned they a got an MMS or text about the special.

“We were really happy with the results!”

Why it worked
There are few key things that I loved about this campaign. Firstly, Kylie was very open minded and open to suggestions from our Client Services team. This advice ensured that Penshurst Jetts Fitness got the best results possible on the day.

Another factor behind the results, is the extremely valuable strategy of following up with a reminder message. Reminder messages are a great way to ensure that you get the last minute people down to the Open Day. Doing this ensures maximum turnout to your event. It also proves the power behind mobile as a channel in reaching your audience in a timely manner – and the strength it has to drive in store foot traffic.

The most impressive part of this particular campaign however, is despite the limited number of contacts on their database Jetts Penshurst were still able to obtain great results. This shows the importance of putting forward a strong offer. The better the offer, the better results. Undoubtedly, the MMS Open Day announcement and reminder strategy delivered at the right time, with the right kind of offer, was able to influence people’s behaviour on the day ensuring the best possible turnout.

Importantly, with this particular campaign – the Open Day offer was only finalised within the last few weeks of the Open Day. Using MMS was a guaranteed way to get the message in front of the prospects.

Remember: to get even better results, incorporate all forms of marketing to get the most out of any event campaign.

What other strategies have you tried to drive foot traffic? We would love to hear from you!

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