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25 Years of SMS!

Hey MOBIPOSTER’S here’s a great little blog on the history of mobile.

It’s called 25 Years of SMS: Counting down to the 20th Anniversary of the SMS we reflect on 20 highlights that have spanned this ubiquitous technology’s exciting life.

Below is one of the entries that I’ve found worthwhile. It’s interesting to see the developments of mobile and the theory behind SMS.

Looking back on the process it has taken to get to this point where we use mobile on daily basis, it has become so ingrained to our lives, I personally can not imagine a life without it!

Full blog found here.

T9 and Similar Inventions

26th November, 2012
Managing Directors: Christian Teichert, Oliver Wimmeroth

When it first happened, it seemed like a miracle: Phones that knew what the user wanted to text. What seemed incredible at the time it first surfaced in 1999, is today a standard for most texters. T9 was the leading technology for many years, installed on more than 4 billion handsets around the world, offering users alternative words based on what they’re typing. The main feature is word completion on limited keyboards – and similar functions have been achieved in the meantime by competing systems, such as RIM’s SureType, Eatoni’s LetterWise and WordWise, and iTap by Motorola. On touchscreens, the challenge lives on and new tweaks are continuously happening: Apple was granted a patent this year for its solution that changes the size of a virtual keyboard’s buttons to help the user type with more ease based on predictive text data.

Can you believe it’s been 25 years of SMS? Comment on how it has shaped your lives, whether it’s been through new ways of marketing or just day to day experiences.

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