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Everything you need to know to make a successful Call To Action.

What on earth is this call to action that I go on and on about?

Well MMA describe it as: “A statement or instruction, typically promoted in print, web, TV, radio, on-portal, or other forms of media (often embedded in advertising), that explains to a mobile subscriber how to respond to an opt-in for a particular promotion or mobile initiative…”

In more simple terms; you are telling your customers what to do next.

At MOBIPOST we have found that the best calls to actions are the dead simple ones.

We have seen from campaigns that the most effective call to actions are ‘Call NOW’ or ‘Text the word BODY’. These examples show a high response and also a higher acceptance of offers.

With a thorough search (some great examples found here: MarketingProfs and here: eConsultancy) and from the examples we have seen go out of MOBIPOST- here are our Top 5’s on how to create the best calls to action:

Top 5's

1. Make it simple

Let’s not confuse the issue. The ineffective calls to actions are created with so many variables it is too hard to keep up with, for example, ‘Go to our website, sign up and then click the offer button…’ These make them seem as if they don’t want the target audience to obtain the offer at all or that they only want the most determined to get it (survival of the fittest if you will). Simplicity is best and key.

2. Make the offer valuable/worthwhile

Whatever message you are sending out, make it valuable to your client. The more valuable it is to them and worthwhile the more likely the offer will be accepted. So make the offer so good that there only option is to act NOW.

3. Measure the outcome

Try different words out and check out which one’s work best for your data base. Are some of your members reacting better to some words and not others? The more tests you use the better your call to actions will be and in turn, the better your results will be.

4. Make it obvious

Same as the first key point of making it simple, make the call to action obvious to the consumer. Tell them the offer and then tell them what to do next. Don’t make it so that they have to work out how to accept the offer, just tell them straight up.

5. Create a sense of urgency

To do this you need to use “action” words. We have found that the best words to use to make sure they take up the offer straight away are words like ‘NOW’ or ‘CALL’ or ‘TEXT’. This implies to the audience that if they do not do it straight away, they might miss the opportunity.

So why is it so important?

Telling your consumers what to do next as a clear instruction ensures a higher chance that they will respond to the message and accept the offer. If you follow these 5 rules of advice you will notice that your in-store traffic and sales will have increased.

Need more inspiration?

Below is a bunch of examples to give you some more ideas, not all are for mobile, but the same rules apply.

• 15 great examples of calls to action for lead generation click here
• 60 call to action examples click here
• Mobile calls to action click here

Got any other tips you’d like to share? We would love for you to comment NOW! (see what I did there?)

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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