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Snap Fitness Myaree Open Day Success: 117 New Members [Case Study]

Using various channels to advertise your open day is essential; however we have seen time and time again that mobile NEEDS to be a part of the equation.

Snap Fitness Myaree used an MMS campaign to create hype for their Open Day which included heaps of activities (for kids and adults), free giveaways and pushed the incentives to join on the day.

You cannot rely on one method to get your message out there, but we have found that like Snap Fitness Perth CBD open day [Case Study] that mobile is an essential component of your multi-channel marketing.

The results:
An unbelievable 117 new members!!!

Martin the Myaree director had this to say, “The images in the MMS certainly worked well for the event marketing campaign.

“We found the visual showcased what we had to offer for the Open Day and generated the right amount of excitement.”

What they did well:
• High incentives for people to join on the day ($0 joining fee, fitness assessment, extremely low weekly rate etc)
• Great amount of activities for kids and adults to participate in
• Created excitement
• Clear call to action (get down on the day and sign up!)

Why it worked:
The reason why this MMS was so effective was that it created hype to a personal communication device and they made the offer of getting down on the day extremely valuable.

Mobile video messages have 300% more engagement than SMS text messages (Mogreet, 2011).

It is also worth mentioning that Snap Myaree ran an advertisement on FM radio that the Manager felt was not nearly as effective as the mobile campaign they ran.

The benefits of having a mobile marketing campaign is that it is sent straight to a personal device (which has a high percentage of being read) and can be looked back on and referenced later.

Google reported this year that 61% of consumers visited a store after watching a product video and we’re seeing those kinds of results translating over to the fitness sector.

Another huge plus to mobile campaigns, especially MMS video campaigns, are the visuals that go with the marketing. Using colour in the marketing video, with motivating visuals of people in action makes it interesting and hooks in the viewer. Not only that, the MMS has the opportunity of being shared.

Remember: mobile is one tool to use for event marketing campaigns. Incorporate new and old marketing techniques to get the best results!

What other marketing strategies have you used to get people down to an event? We would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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