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MMS generates 39 new members for Anytime Fitness [Case Study]

Refer a friend campaigns are always a good place to start when trying to gather more members, combine that with MMS marketing and the results will speak for themselves.

Anytime Fitness Somerville had great success with a mobile referral campaign generating a staggering 39 new memberships.

John, Anytime Fitness Somerville manager has been using MOBIPOST for a while but decided to change his attack on how he approached MMS’s.

The MMS campaign included an offer that was a win-win-win for the current member, the referral and for John who was very happy with the amount of new memberships he received.

John had this to say, “The referral campaign worked really well and giving a clear deadline I think had something to do with the amount of immediate responses.

“Another reason why it worked so well was that we made the offer to our referrals extremely valuable.”

What Anytime Fitness Somerville did great here was:
• Captured their audience attention by using MMS.
• Made an insanely valuable offer.
• Gave incentives for both the referral and the referrer.
• And the Call to Action was clear with a sense of urgency

We read studies on how beneficial training with a friend can be for your clients, so there is no reason to not use this to your advantage.

Using this information as an incentive for your clients to referrer friends is an easy tactic that works really well.

Why do these types of campaigns work so well? Because the information is coming from a trusted source.

They are successful for the sole purpose that the referrers are not trying to sell the health club. They are referring their friends because it is a great gym and they want to share the experience (and also get the extra benefits out of having a mate to train with).

How do you get your happy health club members to refer their friends or family? By offering them incentives.

Offering a prize is one way to entice your already members to seek family and friends to join. But discounts work too in a big way.

Quick tip: By keeping the members you already have happy and enjoying the experience the more likely they will refer more friends and family to the gym.

Have referral campaigns worked for you? We would love to hear your feedback.

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