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Seasonal Marketing, The time is Now: Anytime Fitness [Case Study]

At MOBIPOST, we have mentioned previously about the idea of seasonality and what it can mean for new marketing ideas. This case study further solidifies the benefits of adding seasonal marketing to your next mobile campaign.

Anytime Fitness Salisbury Downs, did a great job of combining a highly valuable offer to their current prospects with a hint of seasonal marketing.

Anytime Fitness

How they did this?
They sent a bulk SMS to current prospects offering half price joining fee and a free PT session.

The Results
Significant number of enquiries that had an immediate response that converted them into full time members.

What they did well
• Awesome offer/worthwhile
• Perfect timing- right when we want our summer bodies back
Relevant to the target audience
• Call to action was simple

Lucas, the owner at Anytime Ftiness Salisbury Downs had this to say, “We liked the approach of targeting our current prospects with a seasonal marketing campaign. Mobipost was very easy to use, cost effective and we got a lot of positive responses from it.”

Why it worked so well
Seasonal marketing is a huge way to increase your sales and retention rates. The weather is good (getting better) and people want their summer bodies ready! This is a perfect opportunity for you to target your prospects, or ex members to get back to the gym scene.

Studies show that there is a significant lift of gym memberships around warmer weather and holidays. Combine that with the immediacy of mobile marketing; you are guaranteed with a successful campaign just like Anytime Fitness Salisbury Downs had.

Seasonal marketing is great tactic to use and we highly encourage this type of marketing, especially with summer arriving shortly along with the holiday periods coming up such as Christmas and the New Years.

Group fitness stretching

What did you think of the case study? We would love to hear your feedback!

photo credit: familymwr via photopin cc

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