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Snap Fitness Open with MMS: Over 100 new members joined on the day [Case Study]

Opening a gym is an exciting/daunting task that some of you readers may have been a part of. This case study looks into how to easily glide through this process by incorporating a MMS into your marketing plan.

Snap Fitness Perth used a MMS to showcase and create excitement for their club. They sent an original MMS to their prospects informing them of the open day three days before the launch. Within the message it told them the day and time and also included a special offer of $0 joining fee, free PT session and a backpack.

This message acted to plant the seed of the idea into the minds of their audience in hope for them to join them on the opening day.

They then followed up of a reminder MMS on the day of the Open Day to get people down there and again to hype up the event.

The Results:
They got a great turnout. More than what was expected with over 100 signups!

Amar the owner of Snap Fitness Perth says, “There is of course lot of competition in the fitness industry, we needed to showcase why our gym set us apart from others.

“The MMS did the job and the medium we used was something that we have never tried before.”

What they did well:
· Generated excitement
· Created awareness PLUS made an awesome, valuable offer ($0 joining fee, free PT session and backpack)
· Followed up with a reminder MMS on the day

Why it worked:
The MMS worked simply because, if they didn’t tell anyone about it, no one would have gone. Not only that, but they also gave great incentives for their audience to come down. Using giveaways is a great tactic to get people down to any event, and it shows with the amount of signups on $0 joining fee.

Remember: mobile is one part of the marketing mix. Use all channels to get an effective turnout to any event marketing function.

What do you think of the campaign? Would love to hear your feedback!

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