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Vision PT produce an effective lead generation MMS campaign: 25 instant responses [Case Study]

We love seeing new ways in gathering sales at MOBIPOST. Previously, we have looked into finding new leads and converting casuals into full time members but we haven’t yet looked into converting future prospects into gym members.

Vision PT Randwick, targeted their membership prospects in becoming full time members with a promotional offer that generated 25 positive responses of interest.

How they did this?
Sent 600 MMS’s to future prospects asking if they would like to participate in a free weeks trial of personal training to send in the keyword ‘BODY’ to their inbound line. Once the prospect replied they received an automatic response thanking them for their interest and that the manager will be in touch with them to organise their free trial.

The results
25 positive responses.

What they did well
· Awesome offer (free weeks PT sessions)
· No strings attached (the prospect doesn’t feel as if they are locked in to anything)
· Wording was short and precise
· Made them feel wanted
· Call to action was clear (simply text the word ‘BODY’)

VisionPT: Text in 'BODY'

Wes, the Randwick Vision PT director, says, “We have been looking for a new marketing strategy to target our leads…something we have never tried before. These were leads that had not purchased from us previously, nor come in to trial our services.

“We went with MMS as a tool to capture the audience attention in the end and it worked really well.”

The reason why this tactic worked exceptionally well, is that it lets the prospects try before they buy. It is a big commitment signing up to a gym and you want your client to feel as comfortable as possible when they do. Another reason why the campaign worked well is due to the fact that 97% of messages are being opened at read.

Having an introductory period where there is no pressure to commit as Vision PT Randwick gives the future prospect a relaxed feel and are more likely to submit to your offer as they have had an enjoyable experience.

Quick tip: the service you provide them will eventually spread to family and friends; so remember to give best possible service as you may not get them as a full time member but you might just get someone else instead!

Have you used this type of marketing before? We would love to hear how it worked for you.

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