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Simple tactics = 400% ROI [Case Study]

We have looked previously at the strategies fitness managers use to gather up new sales. But what about the ones that come in every so often on a casual fee?

At MOBIPOST, we have seen some great examples of turning casuals into full time members with simple mobile marketing techniques.

The marketing and sales manager from 24/7 Power Fit Maddington (WA), Alyson, targeted her causal members and got a great Return on Investment.

Alyson says, “Using the idea to target the clients that we already have in our data base and turn them into a full gym memberships was a simple and effective way to increase sales. It wasn’t hard work. All it took was a short, sharp text.”

The great approach Alyson took here was she kept the offer simple and valuable by offering her casual members $50 off the joining fee and the campaign ended up with a huge 400% ROI.

And the best part of it all, the ones that didn’t take up the membership are still coming in on casual fees!

It is a great tactic using the clients you have and generating them into full time members. They already enjoy the service of the club, so why not give them the opportunity and reward them for staying with you!

This is just another way MOBIPOST educate our fitness clients on how to get the most from our messaging service.

Quick tip: give your casuals a simple offer to entice them into becoming a lifelong member. A good place to start is think about what the reasons behind your casuals not becoming a full time member already.

Does your club have a proven strategy for converting casual members in full timers? Have you tried messaging like this example? We would love you to comment.

photo credit: Edson Hong via photo pin cc

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