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MMS: making messaging interesting.

Remember these phones? Yeah there aren’t a lot of people using them anymore. We have updated our lives with smartphones with the stats showing that 14.6 million phones are now enabled to receive MMS. And we love them.

Having a smartphone optimises us to accept MMS services. We can now pass on videos, pictures, gifs etc to each other at a low cost which has really altered the way we communicate in a more enjoyable way.

And it shows by the amount of social sharing image sites like Pintrest and Instagram becoming more and more popular. We love this type of communication process and as consumers we welcome any sort of variation in styles of marketing.

Not only does sending a MMS marketing message make things more fun and interesting but we absorb information differently via images.

Visual content really appeals to us. It subconsciously gives our eyes a break (especially if at work you are staring at a computer screen all day). Not only that but 40% of people will actually respond better to visual information than just plain text. This means that your message will be 40% more likely to achieve the marketing objective.

Keep this in mind when you are doing your next mobile marketing campaign. Visuals add to any message that gives your clients a mental break and makes the message an entertaining experience to receive. Your clients will appreciate the different tactic you use that acts more as a sharing tool rather than a business to consumer message.

Express 5 tips

1. Change things up from your regular style of marketing
2. Take advantage of the 14.6 million people in Australia that have enabled MMS on their phone.
3. Make the offers/message simple
4. Use visuals to capture your audience
5. Get creative and have fun with it!

Got an idea for a MMS campaign for your business? E-mail us at your ideas and we will get our design team working on the creative for you.

photo credit: Mushroom Princess via photo pin cc

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