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Retention first, sales will follow.

What are your goals? More often than not when running a fitness business, you want bodies through the door, new members at your gym. Once you have a new customer, you want to keep them long term, correct? This is definitely true however far too many Fitness clubs focus on the sales without realising a good retention strategy will lead to increased sales. Alternatively good sales practices will not necessarily lead to increased retention.

Referrals from happy positive members gives back the biggest return to your club, a recent internet poll showed that 52% of club owners get better value from referral programs than traditional marketing methods. Maintaining the clients you already have with great services and by creating strong relationships, is actually one of the best way to get new customers in the door and help expand your brand.

Depending on your industry, attracting new customer’s costs around 5 times more than keeping your previous existing customers. In the fitness world it is a staggering 7 times more expensive!

The best way to keep your clients deeply connected to your club is by engaging with them. This is where we think MOBIPOST can help, all your clients will have a mobile phone and all are engaged with it. Using the phone as a key part of your retention and communicaiont strategy can help build a personal relationship.

One easy way to assist with retention is engaging with members throughout the membership lifecycle. A simple SMS welcome message upon joining for example, prompting them to contact the club if they need help with their fitness goals. Or a birthday SMS message with a free offer for a PT session or similar can go a long way.

By applying a retention strategy to your fitness club will keep an ongoing relationship and encourage more referrals through positive experiences and results. A good retention strategy is a win win for your clients and for your business.

For more tips on retention form our friends at Mobilefit: visit here or listen to a youtube discussion on the topic here

Post a comment on how your business is using MOBIPOST, or intend using MOBIPOST and the best comment will WIN a $100 voucher towards your messaging.

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