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E-mail or Mobile Marketing: What works best?

E-mail marketers and mobile marketers will try and sway you that their channel of marketing is the only way! But objectively, we know that both can be used to make effective marketing strategies.

The Devices

When I place myself in the consumer’s shoes I look to see what devices I use to communicate.

Most people like me have had only one mobile phone number. One. That’s it. And I am unlikely to change my number.

When I think about how many email accounts I have, the number is four. Two of them are open now and the other two I rarely check.

This is an indication of how much value we place in each communication tool. Both are used on a daily basis, one more than the other.

But because we use each device for different reasons, for different parts of our daily routines, it shows that there is a place for e-mail and there is a place for mobile.

The decision you need to make is what works best for you in the different marketing situations you come across.

E-mail Marketing

A question you need to ask is once you have marketed to them, what is the call of action you want the customer to do?

If you want them to ‘like’ your facebook page, or ‘follow’ on twitter, buy online or sign up via your website, the best way to do that is via email marketing.

Think about it, they are already online and ready to browse web pages.

Again, looking at myself as a consumer, the industry that I respond the best to via email marketing is Online Shopping. If I see in the subject line “FREE shipping” or “50% off Today Only” I am more than likely to click on that link and browse through the site that I might not have done if not prompted.

Mobile Marketing

Again, what is the call to action you want out of your marketing message?

My mobile is roughly an arm’s length away and is carried with me at all times which means I can respond at any time.

When the call to action is a phone call or a SMS, for example, “Call now to accept the offer” or “Yes” to confirm an appointment; mobile is perfect. It is quick, immediate, easy and convenient for the consumer.

If the call to action is for them to physically enter the shop, you know mobile is the best option as you have reached them on the portable device.

And don’t forget about appointment reminders! This feature of mobile is at its best for fitness clubs, doctors’ offices, beauty salons etc.

5 Express Notes

1. When starting up any marketing campaign think of who you are targeting and why
2. Mobile and Email marketing is only part of your marketing essentials- combine all to make an effective marketing strategy
3. Make it valuable to your people! Put yourself in clients shoes, what marketing message would you want to receive?
4. Make the call to action simple, and logical to the device you have marketed on.
5. SMS drives your clients physically to the location, E-mail for web browsing activities.

photo credit: William Hook via photopin cc

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