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New Age Health and Fitness is situated in the leafy, southern NSW suburb of Bardwell Park, around 12km south of Sydney. The club is co-located with the local EBP RSL Club and all fitness club members of New Age Fitness are also RSL members.

New Age Fitness have been an avid user of MOBIPOST since October 2009, which is fully integrated into their Clubware Management System. Club Manager Sam Stanton says, “we use MOBIPOST for promoting our Facebook page, join offers to our prospects and welcome messages. I contacted MOBIPOST in March, as I was keen to try multimedia MMS messaging for my April campaign initiatives. The main objective of the campaign was to drive new membership sales from residents who had previously enquired about New Age Fitness, as well as expired or cancelled memberships”.

MOBIPOST created a dynamic MMS video that highlighted the major aspects of the offer, these being no joining fee or long-term contracts and a great up-front saving. Members could redeem the offer by showing the message in the club.

The MMS was sent to just over 1,800 prospects and the response to the campaign was almost immediate with members coming into the club within the first few days of the offer going out.

A total of 83 new members joined New Age fitness in April, with the first 20 coming in within days of the campaign starting. Says Sam, “we were ecstatic with the results. It gave our club a significant boost in April, which is typically a slower month for us. It highlighted to me how powerful MMS can be in capturing attention and getting the message through”. Sam adds “Although the promotion focused on No Contract memberships, over 30% of the new members joined on 12 month fixed term agreements.”

New Age Fitness sent a follow-up SMS on the 2nd last day of the campaign which boosted membership sign ups by another 24. Overall, there were 65 new direct debit memberships, and 18 paid in full.

James Rosales, NSW MOBIPOST Manager said, “What is so impressive about the results of this campaign is that MMS and SMS were the only techniques used in the promotion. No other marketing spend was necessary, nor was it required as you can see from the results”.

New Age Fitness deliver a professional, personalised and effective health and fitness service to their members, the community and visitors.

Adds Rosales, “when you look at the raw numbers and take the life cycle of casual members into consideration, all up the campaign generated well over 4000% return on investment. If clubs are looking for a reason or real life business case to try MMS then surely this is it.”

New Age Fitness are keen to try some more MMS campaigns in the coming months.

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