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Lead Boxes: An out-dated waste of time and money?

Fitness marketers have long used the lead boxes as a means to gather sales, but in a recent article on fitness marketing found here Sam Bakhtiar, a fitness marketer with 20 years experience answers the above question with a definitive ‘YES!’.

At MOBIPOST we tend to agree lead boxes are a pain to maintain, get broken or damaged and when you finally get round to collecting them the leads are often old, cold and illegible.

Why not think about a modern, up to date way to capture new leads?

A clever way to use MOBIPOST as a replacement for your lead boxes is a simple poster asking those interested to text a code word and their name to your MOBIPOST reply line. Once people respond you can send back an instant response with a free club trial or pass. Importantly all messages are captured in the system and can be automatically email to relevant staff, so no leads are lost. Easy!

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