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SMS vs MMS. Which is better?

At MOBIPOST, we are constantly trying to keep you guys informed with all things mobile. This article will quickly snap shot what the two experiences offer on your phone and explain the pros and cons between SMS and MMS marketing.

It may seem an obvious answer but MMS or multimedia messaging allows you to send multimedia, images and videos whilst SMS or short text message is only text, however there is a little more to it.

On the phone MMS allows for full branding experience whilst SMS is purely text. MMS also includes a subject line that displays on unopened messages. Likewise MMS allows you to hold up to 1000 characters of text along with your rich media in the one message with formatting and spacing making it easier to get across indepth messages clearly. The ability on most phones to see content full screen is another key advantage.

Here is a comparison of the two as seen in the inbox of Australia’s most popular phone model.


MMS FitClub


SMS FitClub

The message is clear. If you have a lot to say and branding matters MMS can be very advantageous.

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