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The Power of mobiPOST MMS!

We believe MMS is the most under used marketing medium currently.
Let’s break it down, MMS allows you to deliver a rich interactive brand experience, fast and direct to your customer phones. No other marketing can do this. It is low cost and the recipient experience is fantastic. Last but not least it gets results!

The uptake of MMS for business has been slow in Australia, however the explosion of high quality smart phones means people now expect a richer experience on their phone. Obviously Apps and mobile websites play an important part of this however MMS is still the only way to push messages with rich media and branding to your customers. All the advantages of SMS marketing apply, its quick, gets read, and is low cost however the added advantage of including branding and imagery provides amazing cut through.

So if you haven’t given MMS a trial now is a great time to start. We are the MMS specialists and would love to share our knowledge.

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