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SMS Marketing Useful Tips


David McGreggor


The increase popularity of SMS marketing is largely attributed to wide usage of mobile phones. This has also contributed in the effectiveness and efficiency of this form of marketing. There are unlimited opportunities inherent in this form of mobile marketing. This business promotion channel offers marketers the opportunity to communicate with their target audience directly.

However, you must be acquainted with the right strategies involved in order to be successful with this marketing and business advertising technique. For instance, you have to make the message as concise as possible but very convincing and result-oriented.

Larger companies are also adopting mobile marketing through SMS as a low-cost and more efficient promotional tool which does not fail to deliver the company’s message to the target consumers. The major business niches that largely use SMS marketing include banks, entertainment industry, firms that provide services and others. Short message service marketing is just one of the aspects or tools of mobile marketing. Another aspect is the MMS marketing that involves image messaging such as pictures and video messages. However, to use these forms of mobile marketing (SMS and MMS), the applicable software need to be packaged or developed by an expert. Using the software and certain tools, you can achieve SMS and MMS marketing right from your desktop via web-based platforms. One of the benefits of SMS marketing is that you can send messages to large numbers of people simultaneously.

Also, the use of SMS in marketing enables you to reach out to your target audience at your convenience. Besides, it takes about seven seconds or less to deliver your ads and business information to the target audience using SMS marketing, and you will get immediate response from the recipients. This will help you monitor the success of the message sent, and subsequently fine-tune it accordingly. Mobile marketing through SMS also facilitates the building of new relationship with newer customers, and eventually brand loyalty can be achieved with such customers in.
Now, the regulatory procedures with the use of email as business marketing tool also applies when employing SMS marketing as a product promotional technique.


The initial step is to collect users and cell phone numbers; this must be done with the permission or agreement of the user. Violating this rule will cause you to pay a fine under the Data Protection Legislation.

Besides, when you send people message without seeking their permission, they will often not respond to the message, instead, they would rather take it as spam message just the same way it applies with email marketing.

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