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Go figure gym

Generally, it’s been a slow period for the Fitness Industry and so member retention has become paramount to the success of many fitness clubs.

MobiPOST’s Mobile Messaging (SMS and MMS) is a fantastic tool to combat retention because it’s a direct, easy, and extremely cost effective way to touch base with members in danger of dropping off. A simple SMS prompt can be the catalyst to keeping a client.

Go Figure Women’s Health Club based in Queanbeyan ACT is having great retention success by utilising MobiPOST. Go Figure Women’s Health Club send a SMS to personally touch base with their clients, who have not been seen in the club for some time, and encouraging them to get back into it. By sending a message to members who have not been into the club in 4 weeks, Go Figure Women’s Health Club keeps the communication open, encourages fitness and increases retention of their members.

What difference would better retention rates make to your business? Talk to MobiPOST today about starting your own Mobile Messaging Retention Program by email or phone us on 03 9804 4500.

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