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Capturing Data is as Easy as Pie

Capones Pizza


When Capones Pizza and Pasta were looking for a way to capture customers’ data, they turned to MobiPOST who delivered a standard SMS coupon campaign designed to give Capones the information they need for future marketing initiatives.

The campaign: "Get your FREE CAPONES PIZZA now! To claim visit Cheers from THE MOB at CAPONES. OptOut STOP to 0407256107" was sent to around 2000 people who had purchased pizza before.

When customers followed the website link, their data was captured and they were sent an email that allowed them to redeem their pizza.
What resulted was a pizza shop full of satisfied customers, and a database full to the brim with useful customer data – a great
example of using SMS to drive more traditional initiatives.

Would you like to update your customer database? Contact us today at and we’ll show you the best way to capture data using an SMS campaign.

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