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How do you talk to lots of people at the same time and make them understand you?

Each day billions of SMS messages are sent around the world – and you’d be amazed by how many of them carry messages between teenagers keeping in contact with their friends.

But businesses have also muscled their way in to the SMS world with large companies seizing on the popularity of SMS and recognising its enormous potential as a cheap and effective marketing tool.
SMS Marketing used to be the domain of banks, the major drinks companies, entertainment and leisure venues. These organisations quickly recognised the popularity of SMS, along with MMS, which has the ability to incorporate picture messaging into their campaigns.

So why did these major corporate embrace this marketing method? Because it works!

But SMS and MMS Marketing is no longer the exclusive domain of the multinationals. Any company – big, small or micro – can now easily used SMS and MMS marketing via the development of user-friendly software and tools that allow you to SMS and MMS from your desktop through a web-based service or using downloaded software.

The benefits of SMS and MMS Marketing for any business are the incredible flexibility of being able to send large numbers of messages at any one time.

And unlike other forms of electronic marketing, SMS marketing won’t immediately disappear like emails, and you can schedule your campaigns to roll out when they will be most effective.

So why is it SMS and MMS Marketing effective? It’s all about building relationships. Regular text messages help establish your relationship with the client and, then more importantly, you maintain that relationship. This brand loyalty means they’re unlikely to leave you for one of your competitors.

SMS and MMS Marketing is also breathtakingly responsive. Within seven seconds of your message being sent it has arrived on their phone – giving you their immediately attention of your announcement, message of offer.

In the past the challenge was constructing messages under 160 characters – the limit set by most SMS marketing systems. But that’s something you don’t have to worry about with mobiPOST. We support messages of up to 1500+ characters and we can do MMS messages of up to 1000 characters – plus the image or video.

All-in-all SMS and MMS Marketing has established itself as a valuable, viable tool that will become even more important in the future with the proliferation of smart phones.

Can you afford not to be on board?

Learn more about SMS and MMS Marketing by talking to us at mobiPOST. We understand that for some it’s a new, and maybe even confronting, way of marketing. But don’t worry – we know our stuff and we will help you understand how easily this could work for your business.

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