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Fitness Club Marketing: Ex-Member SMS Campaigns

SMS is a great tool to leverage your old members lists and prospects. In the fitness industry, the ability to deliver messages and offers quickly to ex-members is rarely beaten for marketing return on investment.

SMS allows fitness clubs to contact dropped of members en mass and attempt to get them back as a signed member of the club.

A new client of mobiPOST, Essence Health and Lifestyle based in Claremont WA ran a basic SMS campaign to ex-members for their first foray into mobile marketing. Bill Grace, manager of Essence, was thoroughly impressed with the timely response to the SMS. After sending the message Essence received approx. 40 replies in a matter of days with close to 10 members signed-up off the back of the campaign. This represents an amazing return on investment for the low cost of the send.
Notably Bill’s campaign was straight to the point suggesting ex-members reply to discuss the options. The message also made use of the ‘Given Name’ custom field to add a personal feel to recipients.

On the campaign Bill noted “I was really impressed with the quick response and return. In short I think it is the best marketing we have done”.

We look forward to helping Essence get similar results as they enter into further mobile marketing initiatives.

Talk to mobiPOST about leveraging your old member lists, if you need any specific help with ideas or campaign execution.

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