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How to Improve Your Response Rate

If you are running any sort of marketing campaign then you’ll no doubt be keeping an eye on your response rate. It’s the best way of measuring how successful your messages are. It’s not all about the quantity of your send. All campaigns will result in a proportion that have responded to your message and a proportion that haven’t.

Responses can be measured in text replies (SMS, MMS and email), but could also be a phone call, visiting a website, or even more simply by face-to-face. Rather than increasing the number of contacts in your database, consider the contacts you sent to that didn’t reply. Ask yourself why the majority may not have responded and what adjustments could have made a difference.

If they are in your database in the first place, then they will be valuable to you in some way. It makes sense then to want to know why they haven’t responded!

Gary Bury, Managing Director of Mediaburst in the UK recently posted “Three Steps to Improve Your SMS Marketing“. He discusses a clever and simple way of improving your SMS marketing by focussing on your existing contacts who did not respond.

This strategy can be applied to SMS, MMS and email marketing:

1. Divide up Your Database

Split your database into smaller lists. This will allow you to test different ways of marketing within the same campaign, and to ultimately find out what works best for your customers.

2. Send at Different Times

Using your smaller databases, try sending at different times of the day or week. It will vary depending on the industry and product/service you are providing, but there could be certain times that have aa higher response rate that others. Similarly if you notice any times that have higher Opt-Outs or no response, then make a note not to send at that time.

3. ‘Tweak’ the Copy

Try using slightly different wording, the use of a given name or surname or making the greeting more casual. By identifying the messages that don’t work, you will be improving your message

If you need help with mobiPOST or you need advice on your next campaign, feel free to contact the mobiPOST team.

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