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Anaphylaxis Australia Using mobiPOST for Allergy Alerts

Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening.

For people with food allergy, it is important that they get food updates, food contamination details and changes in allergy information in a timely manner – and for more urgent alerts where time is of the essence, there is no better mechanism than SMS, which gets directly into the hands of the individual at risk.

For several years now Anaphylaxis Australia has used mobiPOST to deliver quick updates via email and SMS to their member list.

mobiPOST allows for the quick delivery of important food product updates and changes in allergy information.  Obviously updating acute allergy sufferers on product changes and food contaminations can  be a matter of life and death and mobiPOST allows Anaphalaxis Australia to get the information out easily and quickly.

Common triggers of anaphylaxis include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, crustaceans and soy however, any food can trigger anaphylaxis.  Even trace amounts of these foods can cause a life-threatening reaction.  Because many of these foods are present in other food products it take organisations like Anaphylaxis Australia to raise awareness and provide resources and services (such as SMS and email alerts).

Anaphylaxis Australia Inc is a charitable, non-profit organisation established in 1993 to support and assist those affected by food allergy and anaphylaxis.  Anaphylaxis Australia strives to raise awareness of life threatening allergy in the community and provides science-based information, resources and services to support children and adults living with anaphylaxis.  See for more info.

Steve Batty from Anaphalaxis Australia says “We have been using mobiPOST for some time now and it really is a great tool to get updates out.  The information we provide our members is imperative for them to lead a healthy and safer lifestyle and mobiPOST is a simple low cost tool to help us communicate.”

As such a low cost means to send mass communications, mobiPOST can help a wide range of business and information initiatives far beyond marketing.

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