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Target Your Mobile Communications To Get Results

Audience is everything. The more relevant your message is, the more likely you will get a positive response.  Research has shown that the effectiveness of marketing is directly related to the relevancy of the message and content.

Filtering your contacts into categories is a powerful way to improve the response of your marketing.

Here are two methods to target your mobile comms:

  1. Themed advertising – Why not market to a specific target market at a particular time, eg. Fathers for Mother’s Day & mothers for Father’s Day, Men for Movember or the relevant target present buyer for Christmas.
  2. Custom content – Filtering your list of contacts by different demographical information will allow you to message customers with tailored and relevant content.  This is particularly useful when sending MMS which can include an animation, short movie or image aimed at catching the attention of the market you are targeting.

Try a combination of different categories to generate complex and highly valuable data for future campaigns.  Remember to track and analyse the outcomes from different techniques to help your future efforts.

Consider the following example which highlights some basic campaigns where targteting will have an obvious benefit:

You run a retail store that has an upcoming sale in November.  Using the data you have collected you create a campaign for ‘Mo-vember’

Sent to males:  “Hi [Given Name]!  It’s Movember Month, so come to our store with Mo & get 25% off,  bring another Mo get 2for1!”

Sent to females:  “Hi [Given Name]!  Bring your boyfriend’s Mo in for Movember to get 25% off all female products”

Of course the way you can customize your mobile marketing will depend on your business but even less data rich businesses can usually target communication to some degree and increase response. Targeting and tailoring your messages to basic demographic information like age and sex can have a hugely positive effect on your campaigns bottom line.

For help with your next campaign or advice on how to improve your existing one, please contact mobiPOST here.

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