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Decrease Your Debtors With SMS

One of the great ways that mobiPOST is helping our clients is in the area of debt reduction.  Mobile messages have the highest read rates of most communication methods so they are a great tool for chasing up outstanding debtors. Chasing up outstanding invoices and late payments by phone can be a time consuming and sometimes awkward, using SMS or MMS however means that you can quickly follow up all your debtors and get a quick and noticeable response. A wide range of mobiPOST customers are now taking advantage of similar initiatives with great results.  A simple SMS is a fantastic tool in soliciting an immediate response from clients in debt.

Debitsuccess, now billing for over 1000 fitness clubs in Australia and New Zealand, is one organisation taking full advantage of SMS for debt reduction.  Debitsuccess helps fitness and health clubs by providing Clubware, a comprehensive club management system that tracks member activity from initial sales enquiry through to fitness programs, attendance tracking, bookings etc. and also, provides clubs outsourced management of their billing and credit control.

Where Debitsuccess debit’s a members bank account and there is a “reversal”, due to a change of account details or insufficient funds for example, Debitsuccess then send an SMS direct to the member the very next day.  The SMS message includes a direct call back to their call centre in New Zealand.   Debitsuccess have seen a 25% response rate to these credit messages.

Wayne Pointon Operations Manager, says “Since introducing SMS as our first means of contact, we have seen a good response rate which has improved our collection of overdue payments and also reduced our operational overhead. This is a big plus for us.”

Another example comes from the insurance sector.  Global Mobile is a Sydney based specialist mobile agency, assisting clients to get the most out of mobile technology.  Global Mobile are a reseller of mobiPOST and other Third Screen Media technology and services. Nsure General Insurance Advisors based in Sydney, is one of Global Mobile’s clients using mobiPOST SMS to keep their debt level under control.  Nsure have been using mobiPOST since 2010 to notify clients whenever they miss their insurance premium payments.  The messages hit their customer phones directly with the amount outstanding and Nsure’s 1300 call centre number.

Since they started sending debt reduction messages, Nsure have been able to halve their number of debtors.  The messages have an immediate impact once they are sent, with 70% of clients calling in 2 hours and the phones are inundated.

Debt collection is a great example of the immediacy and power of SMS.  Has your business received similar success from using mobipost? Let us know your success stories?

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