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mobiPOST Saving Hours in Leisure & Aquatic Centres

When the Yarra Centre located in Yarra Junction Victoria needed to notify over 300 swim School participants for a late cancellation, they were able to notify them in minutes.  It would have been impossible to ring all of them in time and there was no point sending email, as most people would not have read it in time.

This is a great illustration of how SMS, with its immediacy, can help improve the operations for leisure and aquatic centres.  Elyse Sargent is the Aquatics Coordinator at the Yarra Centre and finds mobiPOST is a huge time saver, “We also use mobiPOST to alert our staff about upcoming meetings, or to bring something in with them at the last minute”.  Elyse continues, “Our Health Club also makes use of the system for marketing and advertising, for example they promoted their Boot Camp and the results were great”.

Darren Press mobiPOST Manager says, “We have many leisure and aquatic centres using our system in all major states.  Usage does vary from centre to centre but the range of useful purposes is endless and of course, there is the obvious time and cost saving benefit.  Aside from simple alerting, mobiPOST is also being used for rostering – eg. if a swimming centre realises they will need additional lifeguards for a forecasted hot, upcoming long weekend, they can text all lifeguards in minutes and ask them to reply if they can make it”.

Pathways Leisure Centre, situated in North Lakes QLD, runs one of the largest Learn to Swim programs on Brisbane’s northside.  They are another mobiPOST client making excellent use of SMS.

Normally the Pathway’s Learn to Swim program coincides the same week that schools return however, this year the program started a week early.

Mair Skelton, Learn to Swim Coordinator was able to send an SMS to all parents, alerting them of the early start date.  Mair says, “Parents were pleased we were able to notify them in advance and we still managed to have a great turnout with the short notice.”  Mair continues, “We also used mobiPOST to SMS all of our members regarding our Australia Day (Open Day) and we were really pleased with the numbers.”

If you have any other great accounts or ways that mobiPOST has helped your business please let us know!

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