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Linking Your Message with SMS and MMS

With the advent of web enabled smart phones continuing to rise (25% of them iPhone in some industries) businesses can now use SMS and MMS marketing as a link to your web properties. Tieing your messages to your web pages can enhance your customers mobile interaction.

SMS can be a great way to drive people to campaign websites or info pages. By simply including a web link in your SMS messages, most 3G connected smart phones will allow the recipient to click through and open the page direct in their smart phone browser.

For example, if you have a direct sign-up page or e-commerce sales website, why not link direct from your SMS marketing to the e-commerce page?

Here is a basic example for the retail industry – “This week only 20% of all 2010 stock in our online shop – visit to browse from your phone.”

In the fitness industry with more and more clubs taking advantage of online sign ups and payment gateways (for example Debit Success’ OMG gateway). Why not try and direct someone straight to your sign up page –  “Join up online before Friday and receive the never to be repeated price of $22/fortnight. Enter Promo code: XKTOH on the sign up page here –“.

A few notes, when including a link in your SMS or MMS text make sure you include the ‘www.’ precursor as many phones need this to realise it is a web link and highlight it as such.  Also, make sure any website you are linking to is presentable on a mobile phone. With mobile web access growing rapidly, you should ensure that your website displays well on smart phones such as the iPhone.

Contact us if you need advice on mobile web optimization or including links in your message.

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