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Long SMS Tips

As we announced April via this very newsletter mobiPOST includes the ability to send long or multipart SMS. Feedback around long SMS has been fantastic and many mobiPOST users have jumped at the opportunity to send multipart SMS, extending over the previous barrier of 160 characters.

The advantages of longer SMS are obvious, allowing you to get a more detailed and in-depth message to your recipients!

Some quick tips to note around the feature however.

Firstly if you are sending more than one SMS you are paying for each SMS ‘part’.  mobiPOST does inform you in the message screen how many parts you are sending however, bear in mind that if you use custom fields in your message (eg. to insert person’s name with [GIVEN_NAME] attribute) this can push your message length over the 160 character threshold in some cases.  We encourage you to check your message length and make your own judgment on whether to send the message as a multipart.

Furthermore, if you are using 2 or more multipart messages, you are likely to be able to send an MMS for about the same or less cost (Aus users only).  MMS allows 1000 characters (500 in header/footer) and multimedia to be sent.

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